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Figuring out whats really important that what I schould FOKUS on

What are the most important things in life? What does really matter? These are important questions, for life is short, and we should make an effort to focus on what matters and let go of what doesn’t. It`s not our most precious commodities like our smartphones, 3D TVs, brand new cars, or even our big and impressive houses. Our most precious commodities can’t be found at the bank. They can’t be ordered online. The truth is, they are on a very short list. Amongst our most precious and important things in life are our purpose, our time, our health, our relationships, our self-realization and growth and our spiritual legacy. In relation to these all else fades.



Through my blog I want to inspire leaders to learn more about approaching any aspect of business and life through creative thinking.



Read a lot.The greatest gift you can give yourself is to ignite in you a passion for reading. You enter a kind of paradise, when you learn to love to read. Therefor read. Read. Read. Read. Dig in and find yout treasures.